Magnetic Separators    
Our range of magnetic separators are designed to be clamped in powder processing lines for the removal of ferrous debris within the product as it flows over the magnet tubes.

Magnetic Separators use powerful magnets to remove matal contamination (magnetic) from powders


Designed to pharmaceutical hygiene standards with fully enclosed magnet and crevice free construction.

Designed with flanges to allow permanent clamping into process line or to receive flexible couplings when vibration required



Magnet strength: 10000 Gauss
Magnetic grade: N35 & N45
Temperature range: -20 to +90°C
Casing Materials:  Grade 316 Stainless steel product contact surfaces
  Grade 304 non product contact surfaces
  FDA compliant Epoxy Resins
Standard Finishes:  Bright polish for product contact surfaces (Ra0.2µm or finer)
  External Finish Ra 1.0µm or finer
  All welds ground and polished 
Diameters available (mm): 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400
Flange types:  As required
Vibration Depends upon unit size

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