The FreeGlide sampler offered in association with Sampling Systems Ltd, is designed to take samples from a falling stream of powder. Its unique design allows us to warrant non-jamming operation.

The FreeGlide is ideal for batch manufacturing within the pharmaceutical industry. The best place to install a FreeGlide is where the powder is falling under gravity down a pipe.

Automated FreeGlide Sampler

Manually operated FreeGlides




Method of Use
The unique patented design uses a flexible diaphragm to separate the product from the moving mechanical parts allowing us to warrant no jamming operation in even the most stringent conditions.

The sample is collected in a special cup. This cup is the drawn back into the sampler and inverted, the sample then falls into a collection bottle (or bag).

When the FreeGlide is not operating the full bore of the pipe is available for product flow.


- Different models to suit a range of pipe sizes
- FDA acceptable product contact parts
- Available in manual and pneumatically operated formats


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