The Flexisieve In-Line sieve has been developed by our sister company Pharmatech to allow fixed mounting into a pipe line to ensure completely contained safety sieving.

Flexisieve in an inline saftey sieve



One piece heavy duty, silicone liner made from FDA compliant, white silicone rubber.  Liner conforms to CFR(FDA) standard 177.2600

- Rugged all stainless steel construction
- Product contact parts 316 stainless steel and silicone rubber
- GMP correct design
- CE marked
- ATEX Rated versions available
- Drive unit can be orientated at any angle to the sieve unit head
- Wide range of screen sizes
- Free standing versions
- Head completely detachable from drive unit to allow removal from pipeline for cleaning.


  Download Datasheet


Typical through put rate using a 500mm (30#) sieve plate with lactose:

Flexisieve 200mm - 750kg per hour
Flexisieve 350mm - 2000kg per hour





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