Parallel Flexiducts    
Parallel Flexiducts  have been developed as a part of a range of flexible connectors to make the joining of similar sized pipes simple.  The ends are moulded to replace the gasket used in standard quick couplings and provide crevice free smooth transitions.

The Flexiduct is ideal for joining two pipes of the same diameter

Virgin translucent silicone rubber compliant to CFR(FDA) standard 177.2600 and USP Class VI. Moulded in a class 100,000 clean room.  (Certificate supplied with each Flexiduct)

Method of use
Ducts are clamped to adjacent flanges using standard clamps and a specially designed clamping ring.  The clamping ring is removable.

For non-flanged pipes the Flexiduct can be attached using a standard band clamp.


The flexibility of the Flexiduct allows connections between misaligned items.  The ducts have been designed to compensate for reasonable levels of misalignment in all planes.  The convolutions allow the duct to be stretched, compressed and to cope with angular and vertical misalignments.

The inclusion of the convolutions makes it easy for operators to stretch or compress the seal to suit the positions of the flanges.


- Ducts are designed to work with ferrules to standard BS4825 - Part 3
- Used with standard BS4825-3 ferrules, there is a crevice free smooth transition from steel to duct.

  Download Datasheet
  Diameter (mm)
300 250 200 150 100 75
Part No 31786 31785 31780 30510 31784 34615
Length 200 200 210 150 100 100
Clamp Part No. F004586 F004585 F004584 F004583 F003427 F003426
Ferrule Part No. F000044 F000043 F000041 F000039 F000031 F000027
Ferrule Length 35mm 35mm 28mm 21mm 21mm 21mm
Clamp Ring Part No. 32502 32501 32500 32499 32503 34438
Band Clamp Part No. F003311 F003310 F003309 F003308 F003307 F005964


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