Dust Cap Seals    
Dust Cap Seals have been developed as a part of a range of flexible connectors to make the production of dust tight joints simple and effective.

Dust Cap Seals are made from FDA acceptable silicone rubber


Available in mid blue and translucent silicone rubber.  Both colours are compliant to CFR(FDA) standard 177.2600.

When mounted correctly on our mounting rings the seals are able to with stand up to 0.25Barg over-pressure thus ensuring a dust tight seal even when product is first dropped into the receiving container.


Hole Cutting
It is recommended that holes in the seals are die cut using a circular die.  Cutting with trammels or hand cutting of holes can lead to rubber spicules at the cut edge which are dislodged when the seal is used.  We recommend we cut holes for you unless you have a die cutter.



Each seal is supplied sealed and labelled with a batch number.  Certificate of Conformity can be downloaded from our website www.pharmatech.co.uk/certificates

  Download Datasheet
  Diameter (mm)
400 315 300 250 200 150 100
Part No 095/400 095/315 095/300 095/250 095/200 095/150 095/100
Height of Seal 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm
Maximum Inlet ø 350mm 275mm 250mm 200mm 150mm 100mm 50mm
Overall ø over seal 432mm 341mm 327mm 277mm 227mm 176mm 114mm
Mounting Ring Part No. 096400 096315 096300 096250 096200 096150 096100





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